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February 2010
Commander Kane's control over Ondos
20th February 2010
The recent Ondos artwork depicting King Oxus' throneroom and the attack by the Imperial gas droids is bookended by two scenes. The first recalls the ominous arrival of the hovering Trade Federation tanks as they approached the Naboo capital city ; this time, the drones holding the paralysing aura gas relentlessly advance on a defenceless and unwitting city. The second scene presents Commander Kane's smug acknowledgement of King Oxus' 'acceptance' of the Imperial terms of surrender.
With a low buzzing sound, the gas droids carrying the plague of doom hover over the grass plains on their way to Ton-Mumdo. Having already jammed sensors and communications, and neutralised what little ground-to-air defences were present, Kane's Imperial machine marches onward. The city and landscape were created by Scott many months ago to provide an ambient feel for the location, and I was able to utilise it to visualise the gas droids' approach.
Imperial gas droids advance upon the Ondos city of Ton-Mumdo.
Deploying swiftly throughout the city, spewing the paralysing gas before them, the droids swiftly make their way to the throneroom and render the inhabitants unconscious. Commander Kane, speaking via hologram from his orbiting Star Destroyer, thanks the King for his acquiescence to Imperial rule.
Commander Kane smugly thanks the unconscious King Oxus for his 'co-operation'.
In other news, the Official Site recently revealed details of yet another new reference tie-in book, this time taking a close look at the Millennium Falcon and its customised hardware. The descriptive suggests that the book reveals a floorplan, but as yet it's not clear if this is made up of 'punch-out' panels on each page, or separately accompanies the book, and thus reduces the 'damage' that could be caused to the tome. The photographs certainly suggest a wealth of on-set production and EU lore !
In January, I was lucky enough to snap up a more affordable copy of the Clone Wars series 1 4 disc dvd boxset. Not having been able to watch any of the episodes previously, I have been enjoying them now, and have seen two of the four discs' worth of material. I hope to offer some critical reviews soon.....
Nathaniel Reed, 20th February 2010
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