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January 2015
Second TFA shooting, and stand-alone details
31st January 2015
In January, it was reported that not only was there some additional shooting taking place for The Force Awakens at Pinewood, but the crews there were prepping for the start of the first stand-alone episode. Rumours suggest this latter film to be focused on bounty hunters and the stealing of the first Death Star's plans ; furthermore, Mexico / New Mexico might be a choice of location for this first one.

And earlier in the month, it was announced that the first round of script writing conducted by Garry Whitta for the first stand-alone film had been completed, and the writer had now moved on to other projects and would soon be replaced.
In mid January,'USA Today' interviewed George Lucas, and it was revealed that Lucas had originally planned to prepare, film, and complete Episode VII and then sell it to Disney ; but apparently Disney approached Lucas, and the latter felt the timing was right and it was better, psychologically and physically, to pull out of a new trilogy at the genesis of it, rather than commit into a long timeframe.

An unexpected confusion relating to the story development of the Sequels came shortly afterwards in the form of an interview with George Lucas, where he indicated that of his sequel trilogy material that he sold to Disney, the latter ultimately chose not to utilise it : this seems odd to say the least, and although not inconceivable - the notes may have been slim, the drama may have been slight - it may well be that Lucas was exaggerating and/or referring to a certain aspect of the material. I'm sure there will be 'iconic' elements in either character plotting or dramatic action that will be found in Lucas' earlier notes. But if not, well, either way, we as fans have to be prepared to accept and embrace the new direction that Kennedy, Abrams, Arndt, and Kasdan are taking us in. Lucas has always been known to, shall we say, exaggerate or to change his mind, so beng prepared to keep this production in 'organic flux' is probably a very good thing indeed !!
My fellow VE creator, Scott, brought to my attention a fascinating 8-page online essay detailing the theory of the 'Narrative Ring' and how it pertains to Star Wars. It's very beguiling, and ties in with visual evidence as well as anecdotal quotes that George Lucas has given in the past : simply, that across the six episodes, there is a deliberate repeating pattern of imagery and dialogue and plot and context, and this may be in a 'structure' across Episodes 1 & 4, 2 & 5, 3 & 6, but also found between Episodes 1 & 6, 2 & 5, 3 & 4. There are framing and colour-tone decisions that match or flip between two or more episodes ; and even the choreography of action can subconsciously inform us on a different level of the intent of the image before us. All in all, a worthwhile and revealing read, that may also cause you to review how you regard Lucas and his six-part creation ; time will tell if this will be consciously carried through into the Sequel Trilogy.
Fans of the 3D presentation will be lucky enough to see the Prequel Trilogy in 3D at this year's Celebration in Anaheim, California. Episode I 3D was released theatrically, then Episode II 3D was put on hold and only presented at official conventions. Now all three will be presented in 3D this April. Let's hope that Episodes II and III 3D will be rolled out theatrically one day !!
The latest update for our Virtual Edition of Episode VII : Plague of Doom, has Leia Solo review the air battle against the TIE sentry ships. She determines the time is right to begin their attack run against the Imperial factory manufacturing the aura gas !
Leia Solo decides the time is right to begin their attack run against the Imperial gas factory !
She calls out to members of Devil Squadron to line up on the geyser-filled rift in the rocky plain, which will lead them to the old Hutt castle now inhabited by the Imperials !
Some of the Corallers and A-Wings follow Leia down into the rift, as do several TIE fighters ! A sudden geyser eruption catches one Devil pilot off guard, and his Coraller is thrown against the canyon wall.... !
The fighters begin their race through the rift canyon, with one being caught out by an erupting geyser !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
Nathaniel Reed, 31st January 2015
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