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by Nathaniel Reed,  9/2005 | 12/2016

The Prophecy
And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
And he shall bring Balance to the Force.
"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
Welcome to
Nathaniel Reed's
:: A trilogy of fan-fic set after Episode VI Return of the Jedi, and inspired by George Lucas' historical draft concepts ::
January 2017
Episode VIII unveils its title : The Last Jedi !
31st January 2017
In the middle of January, Rian Johnson announced that the title for Episode VIII will be The Last Jedi ! He even revealed a picture from the edit room of the subtitle in its place within the Opening Crawl ! Now we have to determine if this title refers to a single Jedi or a group, and to whom : Luke - which seems to be the obvious choice - or Rey, or even someone else, like Leia or Finn, or even Maz or Ben Solo ?!
In early January, Bolivian fan and news outlets were able to confirm that Episode VIII had indeed filmed on local saltflats, which also incorporated the set of a starfighter cockpit, that looked very similar to the B-Wing fighter.... !
Fan site MSW is reporting that the avian 'Convors' seen briefly in the animated series of The Clone Wars and Rebels at times of great disturbance in the Force might also play a major role in Episode VIII : the implication is that the marine birds seen over Ahch-To at the end of The Force Awakens might well be these 'convors' or 'convorees', and they have a very specific connection to the Force. Personally, I'm open to such a novel idea, however I'm concerned that it might not so easily be ret-conned back into the existing canon - primarily the movies - if these birds turn out to be particularly significant.... like, for example, being the Whills.
In mid January, LFL / Disney categorically announced that they do not intend to recreate Carrie Fisher with CGI. Acknowledging themselves that this was an unusual move, but in reaction to the rumours and apparent reports of discussions with Fisher's estate, the companies were keen to publish a clear intention. Personally, I'm surprised by such a bold and early move, and would have hoped that they would have held off a decision until a more dispassioned timeframe, and at least kept their creative options open ; I almost feel that the character is 'bigger' than the actress, and regardless of the rumours of Leia's role in Episode IX being more significant, surely having the option of a CGI likeness - akin to that used in Rogue One - or a hologram or a Force-ghost, or even re-casting, would have been the better more flexible solution ? We will have to wait and see how Carrie's tragically untimely death will afffect both Episode VIII and Episode IX. There are rumours that her role in The Last Jedi will be small and in a state of injury, so it's feasible that this existing plotting will allow LFL to smoothly write her out of the Saga....
On the 30th of January, Chris Miller, the co-director of the untitled 'Young Han Solo' stand-alone movie announced that they had begun principal photography ! Fan site SWNN reminded us of Kathleen Kennedy's words that this story takes place about 10 years before Episode IV and is in the style of a heist movie with echoes of the gunslinging western.
Since the autumn of 2016 I've been re-drafting my 'Virtual Edition Galaxy Map', partly to repair coding, and partly to incorporate the new worlds introduced in the official b>Episode VII The Force Awakens. Through January, I've also included the locations from Rogue One. The map can be found here and via the link on the left hand margin. As before, my rationale for placing the many worlds was based on direct and indirect movie references, as well as 'logical assumptions' of neighbouring planets - notwithstanding the vast distances potentially covered by hyperspace travel.

So for example, rightly or wrongly, we see the destruction of Hosnian Prime from Takodana ; Jakku is in "the western reaches", as is the visual clue given for Ahch-To, Luke Skywalker's exile ; the Rebels move from Jedha, implied to be ancient (and therefore further flung out), towards Eadu, presumably corewards as it's "within Imperial Space", and in addition Kafrene is on a supply route between the two, and the most-wanted criminals Doctor Evazan and Panda Baba move swiftly from the former to Tatooine, where they presumably intend to "stay low" since they have "twelve death sentences".

I hope to re-plot the hyperlanes routes in the coming months, but I'm glad to update the map and publish it again.
In the illustrated fan-fic Episode VII : Plague of Doom General Wedge Antilles is anxious that the Alliance forces cannot break through !
Wedge looks around at the intensity of the space battle and the relentless TIE fighters, and wonders what they can do...
Suddenly, Leia hears the Force calling to her, and she intuitively understands that the odds are about to tip in their favour and in a spectacular fashion...
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
Nathaniel Reed, 31st January 2017
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