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And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
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"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
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July 2004
"My circuits will overload !" - C-3PO
25th July 2004
As I was trying to find the time to update this page with the news that the american magazine, 'Insider', now has an online supplement, all SORTS of unveilings have taken place !!
For Hyperspace members, articles, links, and Episode III pictures from the current Insider magazine are now available for viewing. One particularly spine-tingley image shows Anakin Skywalker, all but dressed in black, standing triumphantly in the pristine white corridor of the Tantive IV. I am pretty certain this is a publicity shot and not a still, but it brilliantly echoes the same character's location in the opening shots of Episode IV : A New Hope !
At this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con, Lucasfilm have revealed tantalising glimpses of concept art for the Wookiees and their homeworld of Kashyyyk. A slideshow of 43 images has also been added to the subscribed official site, and they are well worth a look, and although a variety of settings are described - due to the evolutionary nature of such work - they certainly give a flavour of what to expect ! Discuss all things Wookiee in the discussion forum here !
The 3D KnollVision panorama this week and the 'Before the Helmet' picture, both depict settings within the Tantive IV, Bail Organa's diplomatic cruiser that gets captured and detroyed by the Empire 18 years later. In addition with one of the online Insider pictures, we discover that Bail, Yoda, and Obi-Wan are aboard, and discussing their next best course of action ......
On the 19th of July, the Licensing division confirmed two movie tie-in titles scheduled for April the 2nd 2005 : The Making of Episode III and The Art of Episode III. Like their predecessors, we can expect two very richly detailed volumes, and the former apparently promises an insight into the evolution of the script as well ?! I for one would be very intrigued to see such material, for I regard Bouzereau's book, The Annotated Screenplays of episodes IV-VI essential to a Star Wars bookshelf !!
And finally ...... ;o) ...... Lucasfilm have announced the title to the final Star Wars film ! Paralleling Episode VI, and confirming much long-held speculation, the Saga's circle will be completed by Episode III : Revenge of the Sith !
The circle is now complete !
I can't wait ! :o)
We've been reacting to the news of the confirmed title here.
Hmmm ..... Revenge of the Sith .... 'ROTS' .... yes, that's quite telling for the state of the galaxy as a whole !! LOL
Nathaniel Reed, 25th July 2004
The new Republic Starfighter design ?
4th July 2004
Forumer and fan artist, Darth Mike, has produced this great image of the supposed new Republic starfighter design. Click on the image to see a larger version.
Based on spy reports, the familiar looking ship not only has Imperial TIE elements, but to my eye, the cockpit & engine arrangement even vaguely resembles a clonetrooper's helmet !
We have yet to determine how much screen time these new vehicles will be given, or if it will be more than just the opening space battle, but of this, we know that it's producing much positive reaction from those who are currently reviewing its progress : George Lucas has been quoted as saying, "It makes me feel dizzy !" :o)
Something that may well arise as a cause for much debate, I feel, will be the respective strengths and weaknesses between General Grievous and Darth Vader, and their ultimate demise.
Grievous, we have been told, is an alien cyborg, his exo-skeleton housing the brain and reptilian eyes of his former species. Many fans are wondering if this alien was in fact the deceased Jedi Master, Sifo-Dyas, whose identity originally ordered the clones for the Republic. We know from the Clone Wars cartoons that the General can wield lightsabres in his claw-feet. And from spies, we hear that [Highlight to read] his forearms split in two to allow extended 'sabre fighting, and that Obi-Wan will destroy him with a well-placed blaster shot fired into the torso !
Darth Vader, on the other hand, has similarly a brain that is reliant on a machine for mobility and life-support ; presumably he has a small degree of human torso too. As yet, we don't really know how one measures midichlorians, and if it would be based on the amount of body tissue available.
The question is, how is it that the General is defeated, yet Vader remains the scourge of the galaxy for 20 years ? How is that Vader can be defeated by his son, but it takes a Master Jedi to destroy Grievous ?
From a story-telling point of view, of course, Lucas' plot demands this narrative. But from the lore of Star Wars we know that Vader - Anakin - is the Chosen One with the highest ever recorded midichlorian count, and has been trained fully in the Ways of the Jedi. He can use the Force to aid his fighting skills, and learn of his enemy's intentions. An intruiging proposition is that the Jedi Purge and the Sith Lord's role in it, may in actual fact be more the case that it took place before Anakin had to rely on his black armoured suit, and that it was carried out with overwhelming numbers of loyal clone troopers. For these reasons I am coming to the conclusion that Grievous is not the Jedi Sifo-Dyas, however much I Iike the idea though.
In other recent news, the Official Site has run another Hyperspace online chat with Rob Coleman, the animation director. Highlights include confirmation of a variety of battles and locations, Yoda's role is far weightier, including fighting, and for the masked "creepy" Grievous the expression will be in the eyes and posture.
Additionally, it has been revealed that a new scene involving Anakin and Yoda will be created in the august UK pickup shoot, and a picture of Tion Medon has been released to subscribers. The latest webdoc feature reveals the crew behind the studio drapes, and offers a glimpse of the duel with Lord Tyranus, and a scene in Amidala's apartment when Padmé moves from a departing 3PO and towards her seated husband.
Nathaniel Reed, 4th July 2004
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