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by Nathaniel Reed,  9/2005

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July 2006
Our Nal Hutta tour continues
27th July 2006
Now this is what the Sequel Trilogy is all about !
Leia, Jedi Knight. Artwork by Scott
Scott and I are slowly but steadily continuing to produce artwork for the VE-ST (the Virtual Edition Sequel Trilogy).
Taking the slimmer body of Obi-Wan, we can 'graft' upon it Leia's head, and illustrate what she may look like as one of her brother's budding padawans ! We will discover that Leia is a more than capable young Jedi, but, as befitting her heritage, she has insights and skills that stand her apart from Luke Skywalker.
Our pictorial tour of Nal Hutta continues. Scott has amended his image of Barrola's throneroom to include Threepio and an old familiar Toydarian face : Watto is now in the employ of the Great Hutt, for, as Qui-Gon once remarked, "Be careful when you gamble, you could end up losing everything !".
Luke, Leia, and Threepio before The Great Hutt Barrola ; Watto the aged Toydarian hovers to the left
And our earlier pictures of Luke deflecting laser bolts in the Hutt bazaar have been updated too.
Luke, Leia, and Threepio under attack in a Nal Hutta street bazaar ! Artwork by Scott
Under the purple skies of Nal Hutta, our heroes stumble upon an Imperial project and have to fight their way out to escape with their lives !
Luke deflects a laser bolt ! Artwork by Nat & Scott
Outside a nondescript Hutt bath house, our favourite panic-attack protocol droid translates the Huttese, and remarks nervously on the old adage, "never disturb a bathing Hutt" !
Luke, Leia, and Threepio flee their pursuers ! By Scott
But how did those "slimy worm-ridden" slug-like gangsters manage to conquer and intimidate so many worlds in the first place ? With the heavy hand of a Hutt Battlefleet ! Taking slug and snail pseudopods as inspiration, the Hutts travel between their worlds in shell-shaped starships, heavily armed where necessary.
Hutt battleship sketches, by Scott
Hutt battleship concept by Nat   Hutt battleships concept by Nat
Where they swagger and brag and throw their considerable weight about, Scott and I quite liked the idea that they 'retreat into their shells' for interplanetary travel ! Such a 'vulnerable' motif is a nicely ironic contrast to the bullying gangsters that we have come to know !
As we've been discussing the finer plot points and cause and effect logic of the plot for Episode 7, I realised that where I had 'placed' the Kessel system in the far north-west reaches of the Outer Rim on the VE Galaxy Map, it really ought to be closer in to Nal Hutta. For some reason, over the years, I had always envisioned the location of the spice mines to be far away, a holding base for prisoners as well as miners ; in the same way that Britain had her Australian penal colonies and Russia had her Siberian camps, I naturally assumed that in a galaxy with lightspeed travel through hyperspace, where distance and location was less problematic, such a notorious mining installation would be in the far edges of known space.
But Han Solo smuggled spice for the Hutts. So it makes complete sense to re-locate Kessel closer to Nal Hutta. Scott and I figured that the Hutts controlled Kessel and its spice flow, but that the Imperial warships would police the relevant routes. Hence, Greedo's comment about the Falcon's captain dumping his shipment. Also, where I had previously managed to incorporate 12+ parsecs between Kessel and Coruscant, I have now ensured that Han's famous run lies between the mines and the spice processing factories on Nal Hutta.
So the infamous Kessel is now in the south-east quadrant of the galaxy, not too far from the Hutt homeworld !
Nathaniel Reed, 27th July 2006
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