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And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
And he shall bring Balance to the Force.
"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
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June 2004
Facing Lord Tyranus one more time !
20th June 2004
The Virtual Edition to Episode III continues with the fast-paced opening scenes which end in a thrilling showdown! The Jedi return to face their nemesis one last time !
Official snippets of elements for the opening spacebattle have been revealed over the last few weeks, via the Homing Beacon newsletter and the Hyperspace members section.
Additionally, the Official Site has released the third of its virtual set tours, this time showcasing Senator Amidala's open verandah. This one is particularly interesting for the setting is apparently on the far - unseen - side of the senatorial tower, and has at least two entrances to it ; furthermore, the 'open' design means that air-speeders can dock ... a facility that will be often used ! ;o)
Also, the latest 'Before the Helmet' Episode III production image has been released. A very familiar ship's bridge, as seen from the studio lighting gantry, and which most fans believe will be one of the closing scenes of the film.
Finally, gives us two nuggets of information. The first refers to marketing plans for the final episode, with the word "Revenge" being used widely ; the second shows a glimpse of the point-of-sale promotion and disc set sleeves for the Original Trilogy Special Edition dvd releases due out in september.
Nathaniel Reed, 20th June 2004
Return of the Cartoon Clone Wars !
9th June 2004
Several recent updates at the Official Site, the first being the announcement that the popular animated Clone Wars series will return next year !
General Grievous leaps into a third series ! This time, on the eve of the release of Episode III, there will be FIVE instalments, each 12 minutes long, beginning on March the 21st. The story arc will tie into the events leading up to the final movie, and will showcase further the cyborg general.
The seventh 'Making Of' webdoc was recently unveiled ... and what a stunner it is ! :o)
Hyperspace subscribers received an Episode III maelstrom of images and insights as they preview Trisha Biggar's costume designs & fabrications. Researching material from across the globe, we discover a new coat of office for the loyal Chancellor that is suitably, repulsively, "reptilian" ! We see Bail Organa in less 'formal' political wear, and now donning a military suit befitting the times. Padmé Amidala's utilitarian tunic, to my mind, echoes that of what her daughter, Leia will wear when the latter joins the strike force on the moon of Endor. And what is known as Padmé's "peacock dress", so called because the fabrics shimmer blue and brown depending on the light falling upon her as she moves.
Oh, and we see a newly promoted member of the Jedi Council too ! ;o)
The trailer for the forthcoming Original Trilogy : Special Edition release on dvd has been unveiled to Hyperspace subscribers. A tantalising glimpse is offered of the presentation and content, ranging from superior sound re-design to full feature commentaries, from the characters and the legacy to a preview of the final episode of the Saga. September 2004 will be a month long remembered ! :o)
And finally, the second in what appears to be a weekly feature of the 'Knoll Vision' 3D virtual set tours. This one is of the private anteroom off Chancellor Palpatine's office, a setting in cool pre-imperial greys that allows him to discuss discreet matters and communicate across the galaxy !
Nathaniel Reed, 9th June 2004
The Virtual Edition of Episode III continues !
4th June 2004
Whilst I was away in Spain for a week, forumer DarthMichael continued the VE3 with his own artwork for the opening scenes of Episode III.
Over the coming months we will endeavour to keep this buzzing with activity, especially as more and more official images are released ! Although it may begin as a fairly broad depiction of the main events, as next May approaches, we will incorporate more 'bridging' elements.
I was in the spanish Sierra Nevada, a mountainous region that holds the highest peaks. Of course ;o) it got me thinking as to what kind of "new and exotic worlds" we might expect to see, as hinted at by Amy Allen recently, the one-time ILMer who plays Jedi Knight Ayla Secura. Although we've seen several rocky worlds, and Nubian mountains on the horizon, it struck me that the landscape of high mountain valleys, with scree and scrub and bushes and small trees was quite unique. The densely forested Wookiee world of Kashyyyk is expected, as are possibly two other briefly glimpsed worlds. Since these 'minor' locations would be fleeting in their depiction of the Clone Wars, and the start of the Jedi extinction, it stands to reason that, visually, their appearance should be quite different from each other, and possibly from what we've seen before. We've been discussing "New and familiar settings" in the forum here.
Meanwhile, the Official Site has begun it's Virtual 3D set images for HyperSpace subscribers, in a similar vein to the Skywalker slave home seen in the pre-release days of The Phantom Menace. This one is of a corridor junction inside the main Trade Federation cruiser that Obi-Wan and Anakin attack. Also, a still from the very first effects-completed scene has been revealed, showing Anakin engaged in the huge space battle that opens the film !
All artwork is welcome, and can be posted in the discussion forum here. If it is for the Virtual Edition of Episode III then please remember to size the images to 470 x 200.
Nathaniel Reed, 4th June 2004
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