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by Nathaniel Reed,  9/2005

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And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
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"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
Welcome to
Roderick Vonhögen's
Virtual Edition
June 2007
"Unveiling the middle act of Episode VII Plague of Doom !"
22nd June 2007
June sees the script release of the middle section of Episode VII Plague of Doom. You can access it here, or by following the link to the left hand side.
Since Luke returned from the Kyber system, he and his friends learned of an unfolding imperial agenda on Townowi. Fearing that Chewbacca and Lando were in danger, their investigations led them to Nal Hutta, the exotic world of the slug-like Hutt gangsters. Here, Luke and Leia discovered a connection between the Imperials and the spice operation on Kessel, as well as receiving some insight from the aged Toydarian Watto regarding Anakin and Shmi Skywalker. Suddenly attacked by a squadron of stormtroopers, our heroes escaped to the Falcon and fled Ophuchi.
Han Solo leads them to the rocky world of Kessel, and in Act II of Plague of Doom we will learn what they discover there. Commander Kane's nefarious plan takes shape, and as Luke mounts a rescue of Princess Alana, his sister and her husband seek out their captured friends. The droids meanwhile learn of the imperial plot, and do what they can to foil it !
We have continued production of the artwork to help illustrate Episode VII, concentrating primarily on adding to the images for the first Act. Here they are now for your enjoyment, and they can also be seen in the Gallery pages too. As we create more pictures each month we will 'drop' them into the unfolding plot line.
Luke updates Leia as to how his trip to the Kyber system went, and listens to his sister's news from Aquilae base.
Luke listens as his sister updates him with the latest news from Aquilae. Artwork by Nat.
Leia leads Luke in his X-Wing down to the ocean world of Mon Calamar.
In this illustration by Nat, Leia's Mon Cal 'Coraller' leads Luke's X-Wing to Aquilae Base.
Jedi Elder, Master Dree Tan, describes how he survived Order 66, and sensing the powerful Dark Shroud over the galaxy, he hid, and yearned for a new hope.
Nat illustrates this scene where Master Dree Tan describes his last twenty five years to Luke.
En route to Townowi, in the main hold of the Falcon, Leia recounts her strange dream of their mother and father to Luke.
In this artwork by Nat, Luke listens to his sister recount her dream.
Han gently interrupts Luke to inform the brother and sister that the ship is about to drop out of hyperspace and arrive at Townowi.
Han alerts the others that the Falcon is about to arrive at Townowi, artwork by Nat.
Hidden in a side alley in Ophuchi, Watto muses on his memories of Ani and Shmi Skywalker.
In this great picture by Nat, Watto recounts to Luke and Leia what he recalls of their father and grandmother.
Shortly afterwards, the Imperial spy, Muldecland, fires at the group, but with fast jedi reflexes honed, Luke successfully defends Watto, reflecting the laser bolts back into their attacker. Watto identifies the spy, warns Anakin's children that they are in danger, and flits away. [Note that we have honoured the erstwhile Jabba actor, Declan Mulholland, with this role ! :o) ]
Illustrated by Nat, Watto identifies their attacker as Imperial Spy, Muldecland.
As they return to the Millennium Falcon through the streets of Ophuchi, Leia discusses with her brother what they've just heard about their father.
Leia discusses how her perception of her hated father is now changing.
Having escaped into a nearby Hutt bathhouse, the pursuing Imperial Stormtroopers face the angry patrons. One bathing Hutt slaps two troopers into the water with his tail !
Two troopers go sprawling into the water ! Great artwork by Scott.
As the Millennium Falcon lurches into lift-off, Threepio bemoans the state of his wet circuitry to an unsympathetic Artoo Detoo !
Threepio and Artoo in the ring corridor of the Falcon, near the main entrance hatch. Artwork by Nat.
Much later, a lambda shuttle carrying representatives of the Galactic Alliance flies over the sunset-hued cityscape of Imperial Planet.
In this great picture by Nat, a lambda shuttle skims over Coruscant's cityscape, bathed in a golden sunset and dominated by the Imperial Palace.
The shuttle swings around to land at the disused Imperial Senate.
In this superb illustration by Scott, the shuttle sails in to land at the old Imperial Senate.
This new artwork can be seen in full size in the recently unveiled gallery section of the VE-ST, found here, under the subsections entitled 'Mon Cal', Townowi, 'Nal Hutta', and 'Coruscant' respectively.
Let us know what you think of this second act of Episode VII in the forum, and stay tuned for the remaining instalment that will bring Plague of Doom to a fiery climax !
Nathaniel Reed, 22nd June 2007
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