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June 2009
Commander Kane in control on Kessel
17th June 2009
Commander Kane, the Imperial Officer who directs the secret plague of doom operations, is unreservedly loyal to his Emperor, but also cunning and ambitious. In Episode VII, we discover an Imperial who is as merciless as Tarkin, as experienced and skilled as Piett and Veers, but as flexible and adaptable as Palpatine himself !
Entrusted with the project by the new Emperor, Mas Amedda, he ensures utmost secrecy whilst coordinating the experimental work of maverick cyborg scientist, Doctor Bloodory, the mining of the key spice ingredient, and the conversion of the labour-droids into gas drones. Forcibly usurping the Hutt mining world for his own requirements, Kane makes an empty promise to the incumbent Hutt, Weesla, that the Imperial military would secure the throne of Nal Hutta for him in return for his co-operation. Greedy as well as cowardly, Weesla is all too keen to accept the lure, but soon learns that he is not as highly regarded a partner in the venture as he had hoped.
Having formulated a tranquilising gas using the docilising Kessel spice, the Imperials can also capitalise on the Hutts' reliance on work droids to scrap and cannibalise their mechanical parts coverting them into gas emitting drones. In turn, the prototype gas can be tested on backwater worlds, and the numbed victims transported back to Kessel to harvest the spice in the mines, replacing the labour-droids ! Once enough drones have been built, Kane's fleet will begin the operation to spread the tranquilising gas to as many worlds as possible. Bloodory is also developing the gas to an advanced stage by producing mind control implants that direct wide-scale generic commands, thus ensuring not only a numbed population but a pliant one too !
In the following artwork for Episode VII : Plague of Doom, we are first introduced to Kane as he leads his fleet of Star Destroyers back to his base of operations on Kessel. This stunning illustration was created by Scott last year.
An aide notifies Commander Kane of an incoming communiqué. Artwork by Scott.
In approach orbit above the grey mining world, the Commander updates Emperor Amedda as to the latest plague testing, and the success of the gas drones.
Kane updates Emperor Amedda as to the latest test successes with their plague of doom. Artwork by Nat & Scott.
A little later, Kane descends the Hutt castle, and meets with the evil and twisted Imperial scientist, Doctor Bloodory, in the dungeons. They discuss the development of the mind control chip, and the commander is delighted to learn that his men had unwittingly captured Princess Alana Seren, the niece of King Oxus. British actor Richard Griffiths 'plays' Doctor Bloodory in Episode VII : Plague of Doom.
Kane discusses the experimentation with Doctor Bloodory, and enquires about the prisoners recently captured at Ondos. Artwork by Nat & Scott.
You can see the VE artwork in the VE-ST Art Galleries as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss it in the forum here !
Nathaniel Reed, 17th June 2009
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