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June 2012
The Jedi Elder Sieg Lettow reveals how the Force guided him to Aquilae
29th June 2012
Events in Episode VII : Plague of Doom have moved on, and Leia has presented to the Galactic Alliance military the new threat posed by the Imperials operating on the spice world of Kessel. A plan of counter-attack is devised, and everyone departs to ready themselves for the aerial attack.
As they leave the briefing chamber within the coral island of Aquilae on Mon Calamarthe recently arrived Jedi Master Sieg Lettow reveals to Luke and the other six Jedi Elders how the Force had also guided him. In his case, he had arrived at the clearing center on Coruscant, and then was ferried to this secret base on the Calamari world.
Jedi Master Sieg Lettow confirms the Force guided him to Coruscant, from where he was relayed to Mon Cal
Following close behind the group of Jedi are our familiar droids, Artoo Deetoo and See Threepio. The protocol droid expresses his concern for his counterpart's safety when the little astromech shortly flies out with Leia and her Devil Group of rookie Jedi pilots against the Imperials.
Threepio expresses his concern for his little friend, Artoo Deetoo
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Mon Cal' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
Following last month's flurry of speculation as to who or what 'SW1313' was going to be, the official site has now revealed artwork accompanying a new SW video game entitled "1313", placing the action in the dangerous underworld levels of Coruscant with a non-Jedi player role : a bountyhunter must uncover a criminal conspiracy relying on his wits and arsenal of exotic and powerful weaponary, rather than supernatural powers bestowed upon a Jedi.
Not being a gaming person myself, I'm a little disappointed that it's yet another product for this possibly over-saturated market. But we'll see how it develops with alternative tie-in material, in the same way that the 'Old Republic' game and others have released semi-canonical accompanying material.
Nathaniel Reed, 29th June 2012
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