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May 2003
Clues for the Episode III Padmé ?
30th May 2003
The latest Official Homing Beacon gives us some insights as to the development of Padmé Skywalker in Episode III, courtesy of costume designer, Iain McCaig !
He reveals that her wardrobe returns to the "disguise" driven one first seen in The Phantom Menace, as she hides her forbidden marriage and pregnancy from all around her.
There has been great speculation as to when the Twins will be born, ranging from before the events of Episode III to right at the film's climax. McCaig's comments suggest that Padmé will be wearing large and bulky dresses through a large portion of the film. Interestingly, her wardrobe is also exploited to hide the fact that she is married ! Thoughts turn, naturally, to the continued role of the handmaidens in confusing her real identity and location.
The next piece of the puzzle, of course, is in determining exactly how much of the film will have Padmé pregnant : throughout the film, or just the latter half ? And subsequently, will Lucas opt for a shift in timeframe midway through his final episode to allow for a more pro-active role for his heroine, as well as enable the conception of the Twins during a marriage that is briefly joyous ??
In other news, the Offical Site announces the soon-to-be-unveiled 'Jump to Hyperspace' feature, a paid, members-only service that will provide on-set access, as well as previews of EU material, such as the 'Clone Wars' series of cartoons. have provided us with this informative interview with Paul Ens, director of LucasOnline, while T'Bone of has this interview. This is already turning out to be a 'controversial' move, and we've been discussing it here ; only time will tell (and the free preview prior to the 10th of June !) if the fans will embrace this ....
Nathaniel Reed, 30th May 2003
The look of Obi-Wan in Episode III ?
28th May 2003
Fan 'Roddy B' has created this portrait of Obi-Wan Kenobi, suggesting a possible look for the Jedi Knight in Episode III. Click on the image to see the larger version !
Will the aging Jedi have this appearance ? Or will his hair be showing signs of grey by now ?!    ;o)
Or will it be radically stylised with a sharp cut or even a pony-tail, like his former Master ?
Remember : any fan-made pics for Episode III are most welcome for either the Virtual Edition or for the Art Gallery here ! Email them to me via the link at the bottom of the page or post them in the forum here. If they are for the Virtual Edition of Episode III please make their format 470x200px ....
Meanwhile, fansite,, reports that Obi-Wan and Captain Typho are now in Sydney prior to recreating their roles for the final Star Wars film !
Nathaniel Reed, 28th May 2003
"I want to be a Jedi" ....
14th May 2003
Today, ran this report from Canada following that country's census take : 20,000 logged their religious preference as "Jedi" ! I want to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi ...
This amazing number joins the brotherhood of 8,000 Jedi in New Zealand, 70,000 in Australia, and 390,000 in the UK ! Now, one can obviously roll the eyes and exclaim how droll these "fans" are. But let's look at this a little more seriously.
The Jedi were guardians of peace and justice, they were highly skilled with courageous close-combat swordplay, and they led a zen-like buddhist life of simplicity and harmony. They were inspired by the gunslingers of the Wild West, but also by the samurai of the Far East ; and King Arthur's chivalric Knights also coloured their role. A code of honour for warrior-priest is what they followed, and they garnered respect wherever they went. Interestingly, the prequels have shown us an unexpected arrogance in the Jedi, but this may simply be a subtle reminder of their flaws (and destiny), and that they are not gods, but mere mortals - uniquely skilled ! - who walk among us.
So those of us who have recognised an affiliation with all that a 'Jedi' stands for may actually be genuinely saying that no existing faith or agnostic can represent them, though an 'ideal', presented in today's dynamic world, is what they strive for : to lead a life of altruistic respect, to be in harmony with the energies surrounding us, to promote fairness and order, and know that an act of violence will be swift and always the last resort.
And finally, a big THANKYOU to for their recent promotion of the !     :o))
Nathaniel Reed, 14th May 2003
May the Fourth be with you !    ;o)
4th May 2003
What with the news at the end of April confirming Chewbacca will make a cameo appearance in the final Prequel film, I am reminded of a clip from an early April Homing Beacon indicating that Lucas intends for Episode III to "fit with Episode IV in some very cool and unexpected ways".
Surely this won't just simply be referring to the Wookiee - the quote suggests that the links to A New Hope will be numerous and fairly complex. A recent production design update by the Official Site showed us a flipped image of an Imperial Star Destroyer bridge. Also, the scene near the end of Attack of the Clones hints that we may yet see the Death Star in some form or other. Not to mention the plot that we know must come to pass, namely the birth of the Twins and their separation, and the exile of the last two remaining Jedi.
Meanwhile, forumer Darth Michael continues to be busy with Photoshop, producing this excellent poster artwork ! Artwork for an Episode III poster concept ! Click on the image to go to the VE Art Gallery ...
Recently, I suggested in the VE discussion forums that we might like to start considering virtual trailers for Episode III, either as small animations or as storyboarded ideas that can then be created by other forumers with access to the relevant software.
I have created one short movie, while Darth Michael has created two. I have added a link in the top left here to showcase such artwork. Here is his second trailer, entitled "Hidden" ....
Nathaniel Reed, 4th May 2003
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