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And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
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"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
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May 2004
New fan artwork !
16th May 2004
Forumers Jacuul and DarthMichael recently created the following superb pieces of Episode III artwork based on news and spy reports. Mike's last images have been inspired by officially released pictures from the blue-screened sets ! Click on each thumbnail to open a larger pop-up version.
Delivering a New Hope to safety Jacuul's depiction of the closing scenes of
Episode III.
Mike has General Obi-Wan Kenobi evading enemy fire in the opening space battle ! Obi-Wan under attack !
Showdown ! Taking another step towards the Dark Side of the Force !
Mike reveals this emotional scene where Anakin sets off on his final mission, leaving his tearful beloved wife to her uncertain future. 'Don't look back, don't look back.'
I'm sure you will agree they are quite amazing, and perfectly tide us over until May 2005 ! I'll add them to the VE-Gallery soon ! All artwork is welcome, and can be posted in the discussion forum here. If it is for the Virtual Edition of Episode III then please remember to size the images to 470 x 200.
In other news, forumer Indy500's theory of Skywalker banishment has recently returned to the fore. It's an intriguing idea, based on persuasive examples of mythic folklore. Why don't you read through it, and perhaps join in ? :o)
Nathaniel Reed, 16th May 2004
The Star Wars Video Village !
1st May 2004
Part six of the Episode III 'Making Of' web documentaries has now been released to the subscription-paying 'Hyperspace' members, and the sharp-eyed will notice MUCH in the way of on-set footage !
Initially only available to subscribed Hyperspace members, this entry explores the impact of High Definition Digital filming on the day-to-day aspects of a 'typical' shoot. Once again, a Lucas-led pioneering achievement, the director - and crew - can review take after take without waiting 24 hours for the 'dailies'. This not only allows the director to confirm a good take for the 'can', but crew such as make-up and ILM can review any causes for concern. This is affored by the clarity of the image produced by two huge plasma screens, hooked up the two HDD cameras and the video-assist playback, found in the fondly named "video village" where sit such crew.
The sharpness, size and colour of these pictures, coupled with the immediately accessible archive of previous shots, means that the digital format provides efficiency and flexibility. Furthermore, pre-production work such as storyboards and computer-generated maquettes of settings and backdrops can be simply 'dropped' into the chroma-keyed spaces left blank on the set. If one were to review the footage shot moments ago on these plasma screens, one could compare previous takes as well as complete the vastness of Coruscant behind such characters as Palpatine and Amidala.
But of course, what about the tantalising glimpses of Episode III itself ??! :o)
The web-doc cannot illustrate the beauty of HD filming without revealing the subject of what it is filming ! We see more of the extended set of Senator Amidala's Coruscant apartment ; we see what appears to be corridors deep inside a Trade Federation battleship, as described on call sheets here, where Anakin and Obi-Wan are clearly undertaking a difficult mission ; we see Bail Organa as loyalist politician and as fugitive ; Lord Darth Tyranus defending himself against a flurry of lightsabres ; and elements of The Duel between Master and Padawan.
Non-subscribed fans will see this 'Making Of' episode in about 3 months time, and so for the time being they will have to make do with the third installment which focuses on the on-set special effects work by the rigging crew. Here, we see the involvement of wind-fans, speeders 'racing' about on gyro-frames, floor-based steam jets, and the much-referred 'rotating' set, which comprises about 4 different 'rooms' that undergo some sort of 'tumbling' in the script !
Can't wait ! :o)
Oh, and finally, the discussion forum address has slightly changed due to re-configuration by the host. The direct address is now
Nathaniel Reed, 1st May 2004
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