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"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
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May 2005
Roderick Vonhögen speaks !
16th May 2005
Roderick Vonhögen, the original webmaster of the has recently located an archived cd of the various permutations of his early site, and has uploaded it "as is" as an historic insight as to how it all began ! Visit and newcomers will see a wry enthusiasm, whilst those of us who were around back then will feel the pull of nostalgia !! Certainly, some of the early story elements had some grounding, even if they were a little off the mark ! And on this site you'll find two links to the 'podcasts' that describe how Star Wars affected his life, and takes you up to the early days of the Virtual Edition !
Episode III : Revenge of the Sith is upon us ! Following a handful of charity screenings in the US last week, the final installment was yesterday premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera ; here, Lucas was also honoured with the 'Festival Prize' to mark his enduring career and his investment into the film industry. And today, in London, a 'Star Wars Marathon' saw stormtroopers, an X-Wing Fighter, the orchestral music, and the existing episodes back-to-back, culminate in the UK premiere of Episode III ! A BBC reporter lucky enough to have a ticket to participate in all six screenings has maintained a web-log here.
Most countries will be marvelling at Revenge of the Sith from May the 19th.
May the Force be with you ! :o))
Nathaniel Reed, 16th May 2005
"Thank the Maker !"
1st May 2005
Dan Madsen, erstwhile official fanclub president and enthusiastic fan, has released a website promoting our thanks to George Lucas for his 28 year vision. Here you can e-sign a formal letter, and add to the goal of a million signatures to present to George later this year. You can also contribute an anecdote relating to the impact of Star Wars upon your life, as well as purchase promotional material such as t-shirts ! One man's vision introduced the world to iconic characters and settings, and cleverly worked in global themes and myths so as to appeal and sing to everyone's psyche. It's not too difficult to offer a humble "thankyou" in return :o)
With 18 days to go until the release of Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith, the flurry of excitement is palpable ! 'Celebration 3' recently occurred in Indianapolis, a four-day event focusing on all things SW ; many cast and crew were present, while Ian McDiarmid, the Sith Emperor, recorded a fascinating 32 minute interview, available on HyperSpace, in which he provides some great insights. The highlight of the convention was undoubtedly the Q&A led by George Lucas himself, where he revealed his plans for the future of the franchise : a development on the Clone Wars cartoon series, a TV series likely to be set between Episode III and Episode IV, as well as the intention for the theatrical release of the Saga in a 3D format ! The Saga looks set to live on at least to 2008 !
The Official Site has also released a string of themed trailers promoting ROTS. They include 'Tragedy', 'Jedi Action', and 'Unite', and these have now been joined by the 'Music Video' for Episode III, known as 'A Hero Falls', which showcases the fanfare and tragedy of Anakin Skywalker.
Additionally, the 17th 'Making Of' webdoc has been released, 'Endlessly Compelling : The Music of Episode III', the first half of which interviews John Williams and Rick McCallum, while the second half presents the 'Battle of the Heroes' theme, intercut with shots of Williams and the LSO. One of the composer's fan sites, has updated its comprehensive ROTS page with a collection of's short clips from all the tracks on the movie cd ...... which will be released tomorrow in Europe and tuesday in America !
Other than a variety of charity premieres for Revenge of the Sith, the final instalment of the Star Wars Saga is to also be shown at the Cannes Film Festival on May the 15th. Also, the following day, in Leicester Square, London, the current five episodes will be shown through the day, accompanied by a free open-air concert of Williams' Saga music performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and culminating with the UK premiere of Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith in the evening : tickets for this event were sold within minutes !
And finally, not only is the Spy version of our Virtual Edition for Episode III racing to a climax, but we're already starting to turn our thoughts to in-lore events following Return of the Jedi in this new discussion forum here.
Nathaniel Reed, 1st May 2005
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