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May 2009
Renaming Townowi the Grass Planet, Revealing Trella the Hutt
18th May 2009
Scott was recently reviewing Lucas' old draft names, and discovered that the name of the proposed grass planet was 'Ton-Mummd'. Since we had introduced such an environment for Episode VII with the draft name of 'Townowi', Scott was keen to revert the name to 'Ton-Mummd'. He also noted that one of the early Star Wars story drafts culminated in the teaser for a proposed sequel, "... the kidnap of the Lars family, and the perilous search for the Princess of Ondos" ; this was when the story treatment for the first serial adventure did not include the 'Leia' character, and so was likely to be introduced as the crux of the plot for the sequel. It dawned on Scott that where we had our Princess Alana Seren we had our heroes - and in particular, Luke Skywalker - racing off in search of her to mount a daring rescue : in other words, we had subconsciously echoed Lucas' off-hand one-line sequel hook. And, to a lesser extent, it could be argued that where Alana and her uncle, King Oxus, had been kidnapped, we had also mirrored the fate of the Lars family from that draft treatment !
Although Scott was keen to revert our current planet and city names of 'Townowi' and 'Sicemon' for 'Ton-Mummd' and 'Ondos' respectively, I was acutely aware of the phonetic pronounciation difficulties of such an other-worldly exotic name as 'Ton-Mummd' (and 'Ttaz' for that matter !), especially if there was a chance Alana's homeworld could be referenced again in episodes VIII and IX. After much discussion, we agreed to revert the planet name to 'Ondos' and the capital city to 'Ton-Mumdo', the final consonant and vowel amended for ease, as well as to 'match' the etymology of the 'O' of 'Ondos' and 'Oxus'.
Thus, from this point forward, the grass planet 'Townowi' has become the grass planet 'Ondos'. The online pages and Word document for POD have been updated to reflect this change ; and I'm sure the names 'Townowi' and 'Sicemon' will reappear somewhere else within our grand story ! :o)
In further artwork for Episode VII : Plague of Doom, as the Galactic Alliance fleet turns from the chaos and carnage of the Imperial navy, a Hutt battle fleet suddenly appears from hyperspace ! Sent directly by Barrola the Great, the warships will ensure that rightful Kessel ownership will not be allowed to be under any confusion. Commodore Trella of the seventh fleet hails Admiral Ackbar and the other GA generals, and demands to know what their intentions are for the valuable spice world.
Commodore Trella opens a communication with the Galactic Alliance fleet above Kessel. Artwork by Nat.
In ignorant unison of Mon Mothma's promise, General Lando Calrissian confirms that the GA have no quarrel with the Hutts, and he and Ackbar agree for the Mon Cal cruisers to move aside to allow the Hutt fleet clear passage down to the Imperial-held planet.
Aboard his Mon Cal star cruiser, General Lando Calrissian confirms to Commodre Trella that the GA have only peaceful intentions for the spice world. Artwork by Nat.
Discuss the VE artwork in the forum here !
The Official Site recently showcased five American Westerns that either inspired or mirrored elements of Star Wars. The article is pretty comprehensive and in-depth, covering Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Western trilogy - part-inspired by Akira Kurosawa's samurai movie 'Yojimbo' - with a young Clint Eastwood, as well as the more action-orientated and clear-cut Hollywood A-list cast 'The Magnificent Seven' by John Sturges - again, inspired by Kurosawa's 'The Seven Samurai' - and John Ford's bleak and morally grey 'The Searchers' with John Wayne.
Nathaniel Reed, 18th May 2009
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