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May 2013
Mon Mothma discloses the nefarious plans of the Imperials !
31st May 2013
Towards the end of our fan-fiction Episode VII : Plague of Doom, the young Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and the Princess of Ondos, Alana Seren, have updated Mon Mothma with their discovery of the Imperial operations on Kessel.
The Leader of the Galactic Alliance quickly moves to publicise Emperor Amedda's secret plans for a "plague of doom", mutating the kessellian spice into dociling and controlling aura gas ! By revealing the audacious plans of the Second Emperor to control and subjugate even more, Mothma hopes that public knowledge will force Amedda's hand and he would back down....
In this illustration by Nat, Mon Mothma reveals to Coruscant and to the galaxy at large the audacious plans of the incumbent Second Emperor, Mas Amedda.
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Coruscant' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
Early in May, the Official Site revealed that Episode VII production will take place in the UK in 2014. At least a quarter of the shooting will take place here, due to negotiated tax breaks. Of course, what with the long-standing history of all six movies being part-filmed in the UK, it continues the fitting tradition.
Mid-May saw another tremendous announcement from the Official Site : a new animated series, replacing The Clone Wars, and to be known as Star Wars : Rebels. This show will for the first time on screen explore the almost two decades of fomenting rebellion, and presumably also provide glimpses into Darth Vader's purge of the final Jedi survivors.
And finally at the end of the month, the Official Site almost-sneakily revealed that Episode II : Attack of the Clones : 3D will be theatrically presented at Celebration Europe II in Germany in July. Great news following the stalled release announcements, and hopefully in the not-too-distant-future AOTC:3D will get a wider release, along with the other four episodes........
Nathaniel Reed, 31st May 2013
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