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November 2013
The Coraller starships begin their attack on Kessel !
30th November 2013
Recently, my fellow author and illustrator, Scott, supplied a rendering sheet of different views of the Mon Cal Coraller starship, based on a physical maquette he had created. This allows us to begin generating more varied and dynamic artwork for scenes involving this ship for our illustrated fan-fic, Episode VII : Plague of Doom.
In the following scenes, Leia, piloting one such Coraller, has blasted out of the main hanger of Admiral Ackbar's starcruiser, Home One, leading a mixed flight comprising her 'Devil Squadron' of rookie Jedi pilots in corallers, and the seven Jedi Elders in Alliance A-Wings. Their mission, to fly down to the narrow surface rift near the old Hutt castle, from where the Imperial operations are based !
Leia makes for full speed directly for Kessel, the grey and stoney world infamous for its Hutt-owned spice mining.
Leia aims directly for the grey and stoney world of Kessel. Image by Nat.
Jedi Master Elder Dree Tan suggests a corkscrewing manoeuvre to help mask the number of ships from Imperial sensors on the planet below them. Leia agrees, and lets him take the point position in the lead.
In this image by Nat, Dree Tan's A-Wing races past Leia's coraller starfighter to take the lead.
With the A-Wing now taking the lead, Leia instructs her 'Devil Squadron' to let the Force guide them into the manouevre.
Illustrated by Nat, Leia instructs her Jedi rookies to let the Force guide them into the manouevre and the descent to Kessel.
The starships begin corkscrewing into the upper atmosphere of Kessel, the edges of the ships emitting a faint glow of friction burn.
The A-Wings and Corallers corkscrew into the Kessel atmosphere. Artwork by Nat.
However, their sneak entry hasn't gone unnoticed ! A nearby Star Destroyer has spotted the fighters' descent, and the captain informs his comms crew to alert the ground station to scramble the sentry ships to expect the intruders....
The captain of one of the rising Star Destroyers orders the ground sentry ships to be alerted to the intruders ! Image by Nat.
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
In mid november, the Official Site announced the release date for Episode VII : the movie will be released (in the USA) on the 18th of December 2015. This followed a flurry of rumour and speculation, citing a non-May 'traditional' release. Sure enough, we are to break the 'tradition' of a Star Wars movie being released in the month of "May the Fourth Be With You"...... yet, until Episode II : Attack of the Clones, international fans had always waited a certain amount of time for their cinema releases. So I am torn over the news of the change of date, which was brought about at an executive level between Disney and LFL and Abrams, with the latter wanting more time to craft the creative vision he seeks. Ultimately, one must afford the director and his crew all the time available to them to complete their project, and with such a challenging one as the sequel episode, then that is surely paramount.
A little later in the month, the Episode VII crew released a picture of JJ Abrams and R2-D2, confirming the latter's involvement in the Sequel episode. A blog post then went on to reveal that two fans from the UK Droid-Building organisation had been hand-picked by executive producer Kathleen Kennedy to be invited to supply a new Artoo for the show !
Nathaniel Reed, 30th November 2013
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