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October 2003
LOTS of spy reports in a fansite chain !
23rd October 2003
Fansites,, and teamed up this week to bring us a plethora of plot details for Episode III ! As indicated by the release of info at other sites such as TheForce.Net, clearly some semblance of the script is now 'out there'. Whether or not this is detail from an early draft or the shooting script ; whether or not much of this remains flexible in post-production ; and whether or not it's a good thing for all this information to be available so soon remains to be seen.
I was quite surprised when the material for Attack of the Clones hit the net so soon after principal photography wrapped, and frankly, disappointed. As a fan and 'spolier junkie' ;o) it was great to hear these nuggets, but personally I'd have preferred their release to have been spread over the 2 years of post-production. Still, there were one or two suprises left for us fans by the time the film opened !!
The material highlighted in this recent "spoiler chain" ranges from the involvement of the Wookiees to the Jedi Younglings, from the tragic circumstances surrounding the birth of the Skywalker Twins to the betrayal by the soldiers of the Republic, from a Jedi investigation on a militaristic Separatist world to the respective Masters of the Force facing each other ! Certainly, this final episode promises to be a rollercoaster !
Forumer & fanartist Darth Michael has already been busy, with these renditions inspired by recent spy reports ! Click on the image to see two great images !
What you see here might be the appearance of cyborg and Jedi Killer, General [highlight]Grievous ! In the tradition of the Sith naming, I quite like this chap's descriptive name ! Also, of course, the imagery, like that of onetime Jedi, Count Dooku, telegraphs to the audience the fate of the Chosen One .....
Nathaniel Reed, 23rd October 2003
Apologies for the recent silence : currently ill with head/chest cold, as well as the cascade of spy reports recently !!
Spy reports for Padmé's fate ?!
16th October 2003
There's been quite a flurry of spy reports recently at various sites, primarily focusing on the opening sequences, and the possible scenarios for the fate of Padmé.
Some pretty chilling concepts are appearing for the Naboo senator, and, most interestingly, what could be the ultimate Turning point for Anakin : his perception of these events ... which would make his story even more tragic !
What with snippets of events surrounding Anakin's path from Jedi to Sith Lord also appearing, incorporating what might be the opening sequence of the film - a dramatic rescue above Coruscant - T'Bone has begun an essay of informed speculation !
I have already started collating these spy reports into one unseamless story, but it at least offers us an early feel of how the final episode is shaping up ! I hope to add it into the Virtual Edition of Episode III soon ... and have decided to retain the speculative fan version so as to provide a point of comparison in May 2005 !!
Nathaniel Reed, 16th October 2003
What certification will this final episode receive ?!
6th October 2003
Luas has repeatedly said that this will be the "darkest", most tragic, episode of the entire Star Wars Saga ! We know that Anakin Skywalker will fall to the Dark Side, and become Darth Vader ... but we don't know the how ! Additionally, we currently know of only five people to survive the tumultuous events surrounding the Rise of the Imperial Empire and be present at the time of the first Death Star : Obi-Wan, Yoda, Palpatine, Bail, and of course Anakin. What happens to everyone else we have met so far ??! Lucas points out that this is his story, and if people don't like where he's taking it [into the Heart of Darkness] then so be it, it's their problem. Ultimately, he has a story to tell, and this section of it is the most tragic.
Additionally, a spy report at suggests various test versions of Anakin's horrific burn injuries. Now, whether or not this report has any accuracy to it, it does tell us to prepare for a visual darkness, as well as a narrative one. We 'saw' a massacre of Tatooine Sandpeople ; we have seen several instances of mutilations (by lightsabres) throughout the Saga ; and Lucas has confirmed we will indeed be seeing Anakin doing some pretty dark things that will lead him into his descent.
Now many fans have thus wondered about the final certification for this final episode. Here in the UK, all the Star Wars films, bar AOTC, have been a "U", for "Universal" ; Episode II was "PG", for "Parental Guidance". Whereas, for the USA, "PG" was classified for all of the films. I believe the british rating for Episode II was primarily due to the Obi-Wan - Jango fight on Kamino.
It is conceivable, therefore, that Lucas may want to present some sort of 'evidence' that allows us to believe Anakin becomes the feared Dark Lord of the Sith for over twenty years. Added to that the 'Jedi Purge' and the fate of Padmé and her children, and we are faced with a very dark chapter indeed ....
Nathaniel Reed, 6th October 2003
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  • Capital ship warfare in the opening space battle scenes.
  • Padmé, Anakin, Vader, the Twins details revealed.
  • Clarification on the Anakin-Mace duel, and the Jedi Temple attack.
  • Two versions of Padmé's fate apparently filmed.
  • Hints at Padmé's fate !
  • T'Bone offers informed speculation of key events, including a description of the technologically advanced Wookiee society.
  • Several spy reports concerning Anakin and his path !
  • Spy hints at Sidious' powers to be revealed !
  • More details on the re-appearance of the blockade runner consular ship !
  • Another detail revealed about the new foe.
  • Dooku's killer revealed ?
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