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by Nathaniel Reed,  9/2005

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October 2006
Scoundrels and Spies
15th October 2006
Star Wars Episode VII Plague of Doom will introduce us to a handful of characters - some new, and some familiar - who are less than noble.
In Barrola the Hutt's palace, a shady character observes proceedings and reports back to his master. Scott has produced this great picture of a spy and his comlink ... sharp-eyed fans might even recognise the 'lost' actor, who we both felt it would be fun to give back a long overdue role in the saga !
An Imperial spy reports on proceedings in the Royal Court, artwork by Scott
In a side alley on Nal Hutta, Luke and Leia learn of their father's early life as a charitable slave boy from Watto, the erstwhile Tatooine trader and slave-owner.
Luke watches his sister for reaction as Watto tells them about Ani, artwork by Nat
Watto, although now reduced in status and wealth, has a stab of conscience when he recognises the name "Skywalker", and chooses to help the former rebel heroes with valuable information ; Anakin's daughter finds she gains significant insight.
And the Hutt incumbent on the spice mining world of Kessel has acquiesced to the Imperial presence. Yellow Weesla has his own agenda, of course, but, like Lando Calrissian before him, he will come to learn that a deal with a Dark Lord is not made lightly.
Weesla, the Hutt Lord of Kessel, concept artwork by Nat
This new artwork can be seen in full size in the recently unveiled gallery section of the VE-ST, found here, under 'Nal Hutta' and 'Kessel' respectively. And to mark my appreciation to all of Scott's efforts thus far, I've added his profile and picture to the 'About the WebMasters' page.
My thanks to Lou Tambone of for highlighting the recently when the VE-ST subsection was launched in September ! Site visits suddenly rocketed, and the enthusiasm is much appreciated !!
Also, fan sites and have picked up on news that LEGO Germany had recently released a 2007 publicity brochure ... which refers to the Anniversary Saga dvd set ! T'Bone at links back to an earlier article of informed rumour regarding what we may expect to see come May 2007. He talks about soundtrack releases as well as further changes to the films.
Now, at this stage of rumour-monger, we don't know what such changes may be : they might re-correct mattes and colour discrepancies (for example, lightsabre blades), or amend or insert scenes, such as the Episode I Yoda puppet, the Qui-Gon and Dagobah scenes from ROTS, or an expansion on the destruction of Alderaan or an inclusion of Emperor Sidious in Episode IV. Of course, these points are all conjecture on my part .... but would indeed be nice to see ! :o)
And finally, the new Darth Bane novel has been released in hardback. Learning about the architect of the 'Two Rule' should be an interesting read !
Nathaniel Reed, 15th October 2006
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