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by Nathaniel Reed,  9/2005

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And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
And he shall bring Balance to the Force.
"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
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October 2007
"More POD artwork, and Live-Action TV series news !"
21st October 2007
Now that the script for Episode VII : Plague of Doom has been published in its entirety, artwork to illustrate this has continued apace !
In this scene, Master Jedi Luke Skywalker has returned to the hidden base of Aquilae on Mon Calamar. His sister, Leia, and her husband, General Han Solo, bring him up to speed as to the state of the galaxy whilst he's been away.
In this artwork by Nat, Han embraces his wife, and he and Leia update Luke with news from Coruscant.
Our heroes review a brief holo-message of Princess Alana Seren that had been relayed to the Galactic Alliance strategic headquarters by her anxious uncle, King Oxus, of Townowi. On seeing her beautiful visage, Luke pays a little more attention !!
Luke listens intently to Princess Alana's brief message. Artwork by Nat.
Having investigated the puzzling goings-on at Townowi, Han and Leia review sample results in the Millennium Falcon. The Durillian spice quantifier embedded in the Falcon's secondary console hasn't seen the light of day since before its captain took on a charter to Alderaan !
In this great piece by Nat, Han and Leia ponder the results of the sample taken from the ambush site on Townowi.
Leia reports back to headquarters on Aquilae, and liaises with Mon Mothma from Coruscant. The leader of the Galactic Alliance advises proceeding with caution.
From the Millennium Falcon, Leia updates the tacticians on Aquilae, and Mon Mothma who responds from Coruscant. Artwork by Nat.
Later, in Nal Hutta's capital city Ophuchi, as Luke, Leia, and Threepio flee through a Hutt bath house, the young Jedi slices an escape route through a ground window leading to a nearby street. Leia indicates the direction where the Falcon sits at the ready.
In this dynamic picture by Nat, as Luke slices through a window with his laser sword, Leia indicates their route to the Falcon !
His likeness a homage to a young independent 'Bay film-maker, rookie Jedi pilot Justin Valor discovers he might just survive this particular "suicide mission" !
Justin Valor makes a wry comment on his mission. Artwork by Nat and Scott.
In addition to the artwork, Scott and I have been generating ideas based off our existing outline for Episode VIII. This not only keeps the momentum going, but potentially allows for decisions to inform, and be informed by, Plague of Doom !
As ever the artwork can be seen in the VE-ST Gallery, and please let us know what you think of Episode VII Plague of Doom in the forum here !
Recently, there has been news and rumour surrounding the long-term Live-Action TV series, set between Episode III and Episode IV. Lucas himself has confirmed that the production is now well underway, with most writers contracted to the show. The Maker has indicated that "the Skywalkers aren't in this", and "neither is Vader", though the Dark Lord will be referenced. Time will tell how hard and fast that will become, since I would hope that, at the very least, we'd see Darth Vader and the Emperor as the villainous leaders of the galaxy, possibly see Obi-Wan too, and get to hear of the Twins hidden away.
The BBC picked up on the story here, while CNN ran this story.
However, TFN also ran this rumour report that described Boba Fett, Bib Fortuna, Oola, a General Papanoida, a General Durron [from the post-ROTJ EU novels], Imperials, Rebels, spies, and the Death Star ! The Star Wars Wiki, Wookieepedia, also updated their page dedicated to the Live-Action series, adding that there was a rebel by the name of Naberr[i]e ! Already, an old news report at the 2005 AFI gala has suggested that Daniel Logan would reprise his role as a young Boba Fett.
I wonder if an early 'flashback' sequence could be presented, incorporating the rebellion scenes cut from Revenge of the Sith, and showing Padme, Bail, and Mon Mothma ?! A superb performance by Genevieve O'Reilly as the younger Mothma would then be finally immortalised in the official canon !
And finally, in a slightly biased news report ;o), the South Wales Philharmonic Orchestra will be playing a medley of John Williams music on the 7th of December at St Davids Hall in Cardiff to honour the great movie composer's 75th birthday earlier this year. Needless to say, my wife and I have booked seats ! :o)
Nathaniel Reed, 21st October 2007
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