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October 2015
The Primary Trailer for The Force Awakens !
30th October 2015
In mid October, the Official Site released the primary trailer for Episode VII : The Force Awakens ! Announced as the one and only full trailer, it follows the two teaser trailers, the 'Behind the Scenes Showreel', and a handful of short TV spots.

The trailer opens with the desert junk scavenger Rey scrabbling through the innards of a huge spaceship, with her voiceover declaring that she is no-one ; then the stormtrooper Finn's voiceover revealing that he feels he has no purpose in his life ; the villain Kylo Ren announces to the charred helmet of Darth Vader that he will complete the Sith Lord's work ; a violent explosion across a forest leads to an exciting chase through the spaceship graveyard between the Millennium Falcon and two TIE fighters, with Rey's voice confirming that she had "heard stories" of old adventures involving Jedi, and Han Solo confirming to both Rey and Finn that this was all true. Shortly afterwards, we see the mysterious order of the 'Kights of Ren', with Kylo Ren in their midst, and then the new Rebel Alliance - 'The Resistance' - including new recruit Finn and ace pilot Poe Dameron. An intense sky battle between X-Wings and TIE fighters follows, and then a repeat of the shot of presumably luke Skywalker resting his hand upon Artoo-Detoo. Following further shots of the 'First Order' Imperials, we see Rey sobbing over a fallen figure, and then a captive Finn, Chewie, and Han. A fleeting shot of a melancholic Leia embraced by Han moves swiftly to an unmasked and armed kylo Ren advancing upon Finn holding aloft a blue lightsabre. A final voiceover urges us to "let the Force in". Newly-renamed fansite StarWarsNewsNet [formerly StarWars7News] provided a detailed picture-summary here.

It certainly is an exciting trailer, with great accompanying music, but once more frustratingly with minimal OT heroes on show. One wonders if this is a deliberate ploy to telegraph to the fan and general audience that the OT heroes will be taking a back-seat.... even more so with the lack of Luke in the official material, re-confirming the rumours that he primarily has a cameo at the end of the episode.

What turned out to be the most unusual is that we subsequently learned that the beautiful musical arrangement was not by the great John Williams but by a team of composers and musicians : this obviously begs the question "why ?".

In additon, StarWarsNewsNet linked to the 'Science vs. Cinema' fan-made trailer re-arranging the sequences of all the published material. This 'super-trailer' can be found here.

Oh, and there are two uproariously funny parodies of the TFA tralers entitled 'The Binks Awakens' found here, which very neatly insert Jar Jar Binks into the action !!
Shortly after the record-breaking trailer release and ticket pre-sales, StarWars.com published a 'Thank You' to the fans for their continued support and enthusiasm. This was a very nice, respectful, and humbled gesture by such a large and potentially presumptious company. Regardless of the plot and outcome of The Force Awakens, thank you Lucasfilm for the gesture :o)
Both MSW and SWNN reported that TFA actors Daisy Ridley and John Boyega attended John williams' final scoring session in L.A. ! They even had time to take some photos with the maestro !
In Episode VIII news, Mark Hamill has announced he is re-growing his beard.... so that's promising for his re-appearance in the Saga !
In the illustrated Episode VII : Plague of Doom Leia Solo has led her 'Devil Squadron' into the heart of the hidden Imperial gas factory complex on Kessel !
Now, ignoring the final TIE fighter that still doggedly pursues her, Leia skims low over the stoney floor of the valley, and lines up on the factory. Artoo in the droid socket behind her wails that "We're not going to make it !" as she barrels the Corraller starfighter right at the entrance doors !
As Leia lines up on the factory complex, Artoo wails that they're not going to make it !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
With the writing of Episode IX : Duel of the Fates I'm discovering the further dilemma of determining the villain's agenda and motives : although the Sith Lord is now in a more dominant position - his bogan have swept across half the galaxy and are bearing down upon the Interior - is it now the case that Darth Monstross is lining up for a final push against the Core worlds, or is it that he has stretched himself thin and is only just holding the new territory ? The primary purpose of the Imperial attack against Corellia in the opening of the episode is to extract the Allaince hostages ; yet this could mask a greater attack against the system, initiating further spearheads into the Core. He's held off from invasions until now : is this because Monstross has bided his time, tactically terrorising the Interior with bogan attacks on the outer systems and forcing great refugee movements inwards ; or is this solely because the denser, more affluent, Core worlds are more heavily defended by the Alliance fleets and the local militia ? Such greater contextual questions very much direct the plotting and ultimately help the plausibility and believability of the villain's - and hero's - actions.....
Nathaniel Reed, 30th October 2015
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