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by Nathaniel Reed, 9/2005

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Welcome to
Roderick Vonhögen's
Virtual Edition
September 2005
"I've flown from one side of this galaxy to the other..."
9th September 2005
If a map of the Star Wars galaxy truly exists, then it'd be locked away in the mind of George Lucas ! For sure, there are many fan maps out there, and at least one 'authorised' map from Lucasfilm Publishing. But inspired by Revenge of the Sith in May, I was keen to develop a 'map' based on the 30 or so planets quoted in the six films, and perhaps evolve it towards a strategic board game.
This meant using the film plots and dialogue to determine the locations of the planets, notwithstanding the fact that a hyperspace jump would mean the 'real' locations could actually be anywhere !
So we have Luke Skywalker refer to Tatooine as being as far as possible from the bright centre of the universe, while Dantooine is "far too remote to make an effective demonstration" of the firepower of the Death Star. Yavin and Massassi are safely remote, but their relation to the others remains in doubt. Although Kessel is a mining colony, it also has an infamous reputation, no doubt attributed to it more so if it is remote and isolated ! On the other hand, Ord Mantell appears a fairly busy world favoured as it is by bounty hunters, and therefore probably found in the Mid Rim. The Falcon travels at subspeed from Hoth to Bespin via Anoat, whilst Dagobah is potentially not too far away either ! The rebel fleet amassed at Sullust prior to leaping out to Endor, and "many Bothans died" relaying spy reports regarding it - if the Bothan world has to be anywhere, why can't it be near Endor ?!
Queen Amidala and her Jedi escort fled Naboo under subspeed to Tatooine, and thence on to the core world, Coruscant, the capital of the galaxy. We are told that Iego and its moons are in "deep space", and likewise, Ansion saw border disputes which might mark it out as a less developed world, and therefore further away from the core. Kamino is "south of the Rishi Maze", its inhabitants "keep themselves to themselves" so much so that surely finding one of their darts on Subterrel could indicate their neighbouring proximity ? Anakin and Padmé hyperjump from Naboo to Tatooine and on to Geonosis ; Obi-Wan Kenobi pursued the Fetts into the Geonosian asteroid belt from Kamino. Where are the Moons of Bogden, favoured by bounty hunters ? One can assume they are remote ... and possibly near Kamino !
Revenge of the Sith introduced a montage of new locations, and placing these logically presented a challenge ! From Coruscant the action moves to Utapau which although was not involved in a sweep of the Republic for General Grievous is still however "remote" : this made me think that the fairly technically advanced world was isolated in the Mid Rim. Kashyyyk, through Han Solo's historical connection, made me place it near Corellia, two worlds rich in technology, trade, and culture, and deserving of the Mid Rim.
When 'Order 66' is executed, we see Ki Adi Mundi on the ashy crystalline world of Mygeeto, and I placed this in the Core based on LFL's description of it being the Banking Clan Planet. Plo Koon dies on the planet Cato Neimoudia, the mountainous homeworld of the oppulent Neimoudian Trade Federation with its 'bridge cities', and so this too was located in the Core. Felucia, site of Ayla Secura's final mission, was a richly verdant and undeveloped world, so that sits in the Outer Rim, and similarly too for Saleucami, and by extension Boz Pity. And the mineral-rich but uninhabitable volcanic world Mustafar was obviously calling to be placed in the Outer Rim removed from prying eyes. Finally, the sanctuary of Alderaan was a wealthy and well-developed world with high culture, and this determined its Core postion.
I then turned my attention to the species of Star Wars that had been visualised but not located, in a similarly 'logical' manner as far as possible. Tatooine's importance to Galactic affairs was surely not soley mythological, it being within easy reaching distance of Naboo and "controlled by the Hutts" and visited by smugglers, traders, and "deep space pirates". It's thus a major trade route in the shadow of the Hutts, who also have influence over the Twi'leks of Ryloth, the Gamorreans, the Rodians, and the gambling but cowardly Toydarians. Such a strong trade route favoured by Correllians would then surely feed Corellia, and nearby Kashyyyk. If Sebulba the Dug was infamous on Tatooine then possibly his homeworld wouldn't be too far away ... and Episode I's suggestion and LFL's confirmation of his animosity towards Mawhonic the stalk-eyed Malastarian pod racer implied neighbouring warring worlds. Similalry, LFL's elaboration of the Wookiees' and the Trandoshans' acrimony would locate these two planets together.
With other species I was directed by their appearance and how widespread they were. So the squidhead quarren were to be Mid to Outer Rim and on the Bespin trade route, the Zabrak that had produced both Jedi and Sith was inner Mid Rim, while the feared Clawdite changelings would be isolated and Mid Rim. The top-knotted Weequays implied a tribal and more primitive way of life, so that would locate Weeq in the Outer Rim, whereas the Nikto had to come from a world between the Core and the Mid Rim since it not only supplied Hutt guards but also Jedi. The walrus-like Aqualish would be wealthier and closer to the Core, along with Ki Adi Mundi's homeworld of Cerea. The highly respected Mon Calamarians would join the jowl-faced Sullustians Core-side along with the groovily musical Bith ! If we accept the hammerheaded Ithorians as peaceful and in tune with their natural environment, then why not place them near Kashyyyk ? The asteroid field in which the hidden high-tech medi-centre of Polis Massa can be found could of course be located anywhere ... though it made sense for it to be at least near the fiery and fateful world of Mustafar !
If there's a bright centre of the universe....
The map that I have created can be accessed via the permanent link on the top left here, or by clicking this link that will open it in a new window. Some browsers may require a RELOAD of the map page.
And now to stitch them all together with safely plotted hyperspace routes : I am slowly but surely layering in these highways between planets, with the occasional deep space point that requires a new navigational vector.
"She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts". I hope that by understanding my 'logic' in locating these worlds you'll appreciate this map as a possibly more 'accurate' version. Enjoy ! :o)
Nathaniel Reed, 9th September 2005
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