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September 2010
The Sith Lords escape Coruscant !
29th September 2010
Wounded by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker in the darkened and empty Imperial Palace, Sith Lord Darth Kayos fled to her TIE starship, and escaped into the ever-busy traffic lanes above the Coruscant megopolis.
She angles her starfighter down towards an old tower complex, refurbished by Chancellor Palpatine in the last days of the Old Republic and Order 66 : this is the specialist surgical reconstruction (sur-con) medi-centre, for life-threatening emergencies and experimental life-support advances. The TIE aims for the recently incorporated shuttle hangar bay on the equator of the high rotunda.
Darth Kayos' ship vectors towards the Imperial Sur-Con Medi-Centre tower.
Inside the hangar bay, the Emperor Mas Amedda - Sith Lord Darth Monstross - greets his warrior, who clutches her amputated arm to herself. Red-robed Royal Guards move in to flank them as they proceed into the complex, while heavy blast doors ponderously close behind them.
Darth Monstross meets Lord Kayos in the hangar bay.
Shortly afterwards, great explosions light up the sky as restraining bolts are blown free, and the top-most sphere of the Sur-Con Tower blasts up into the night sky ! The true identity of the Medi-Centre is revealed as the Sith Command Ship rockets away from Coruscant !
The Sith Command Ship is revealed as it rockets away from Coruscant !
A coda illustrates the Command Ship breaking free of Coruscant's orbit, and prepares to make the jump to lightspeed.... destination classified !
The Sith Command Ship blasts away from Coruscant and into hyperspace ! Artwork by Scott.
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Coruscant' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
At the end of August, published a C5 article where a panel was extolling the virtues of the controversial Prequel Trilogy. Entitled ''Why we love the Prequels", it covers the fan community excitement at the time of TPM, the return to Star Wars in movie houses, the significant plot points and parallel themes, and how the Prequel Trilogy re-evaluates the Original Trilogy.
And just released today, is the news that Star Wars : The Phantom Menace will be re-released theatrically in 3D, tentatively for 2012 ! It's hoped that the other five episodes would also be similarly re-released, but it's far too early to confirm their details. I remember the favourable talk following the tests on A New Hope, isolating ship elements and re-layering them in the 3D software, so I'm hoping that with the continual advances in 3D technology, the Star Wars Saga in 3D will be spectacular !
Nathaniel Reed, 29th September 2010
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