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September 2011
Bungle Range jalopy !
30th September 2011
Han and Chewbacca fly our heroes as they escape the Hutt mining facility recently commandeered by Commander Kane.
They expect to be pursued by Imperial TIEs and soon enough Han spots them ! Chewie boldly suggests that they race ahead to the Bungle Range rather than stop and fight.
Han spots the pursuing TIEs, and Chewie suggests heading for the Bungle Range !
The Falcon races towards the Bungle Range, hotly pursued by four TIE fighters !
In this great image by Scott, the Falcon heads towards the Bungles !
Han deftly flies low and tight around the huge rock formations, leading the TIEs deeper into the Bungle range.
The Falcon twists through the tightly packed Bungle rock formations !
Han is doing six things at once, flying on intuition and fingertips ! He still manages a returning quip, though, when Chewie complains that this might not have been such a good idea !!
In such tight turns, Han displays his consummate skill as a pilot !
The Falcon begins to gain a lead, and rounds a corner, with the TIEs falling out of sight. Han warns Luke to get ready in the lower quad gun turret......
The Falcon rounds a corner ahead of the TIEs.
There is in fact a mountain range called 'Bungle', located in Australia, and it's images from this range that has provided source material for our Kessel location, as well as inspiring its name ! The sharp-eyed Star Wars fan might also notice the similarity to old Ralph McQuarrie artwork, namely the 'Killik towers of Alderaan', as seen here at the Wookieepedia.
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
Accompanying the release of the Blu Ray sets, the official site has redesigned with a new look focusing more on Saga content. Strangely and infuriatingly, all previous content and links to it has now been lost !!! I hope that the archived content, if not the direct links, will be re-instated over time.... but I fear that this may not be the case. Once again there seems little forethought in continuity and presentation - I recall the superb picture series of in-depth BTS and in-lore trivia that began with ANH.... but was never finished, let alone continued into the other episodes ! Furthermore, interestingly, much of the 'databank' content now links to the public-run open-source Wookieepedia. The Offical site now hosts a selection of video clips and blog links, but the wealth of canon and EU material is being officially sourced from the web. Personally, I find this a shame, as it was always nice to know that the latest official news and canonical content for Star Wars would be found at starwars.com. One assumes that the prohibitive costs in the (second) twilight of the franchise has determined this course of action.
Nathaniel Reed, 30th September 2011
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