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Time for a word from the Top Brass:
Dawn Lewis - Store Manager & Co-Owner



Vixen Couture is fast becoming one of the leading alternative fashion stores in the West Midlands!
-and of course, We couldn't be happier!


We proudly support up and coming clothing brands from within the UK and abroad.


Vixen Couture will always be eagar to offer the best we can in value and customer service to everyone. Forming customer relationships, having fun and helping people with their wardrobe make each day rewarding and enjoyable in the store.
-We wouldn't know what to do without you!


With other stores falling in and out of the Alternative scene, Vixen Couture hopes to offer itself as a staple of alternative fashion within the West Midlands.
-And we're not about to go anywhere but up!



We plan to expand our business and continue delivering great clothing at even greater prices.


For alternative, colourful and fun clothing pop in store today! -and say "Hi"

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