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"There strode in, like a Goth into the elegant marble vomitorium of Petronius Arbiter, a haggard and dishevelled person."
1923 A.Huxley Antic Hay

Here you can find the leading display of airsickness bags (a.k.a. barfbags) on the web and links to other notable barf bag sites. Browse around but don't forget to sign the visitor's book and visit our Souvenir Shop for something special to remind you of your visit.

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We have been very busy at The Vomitorium after moving to our new site. Thanks to a grant from the National Pottery we have completed the Chunderton wing and now have 40 galleries of barfbags for you to endure enjoy. We try to ensure the highest standards so if anything doesn't work or needs replacing please inform the facilities supervisor. A state of the ark bag-handling and catalog system allows new exhibits to be presented much sooner than before and all galleries are equipped with automatic climate control for your personal comfort. There is now adequate free car-parking off Cemetery Road. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our new premises.

Push the Bag-o-meter by donating bags Push the Bag-o-meter by donating bags
Push the Bag-o-meter by donating bags Push the Bag-o-meter by donating bags

The Vomitorium is a non-profit organisation and relies on charitable donations. Why not push the Bag-o-meter by becoming a benefactor and donating bags from your next flight to our growing collection.

Note: The Barforama Tea Shoppe is currently closed for winter and will reopen after Easter.

The Vomitorium relies on tables and graphics and has been optimised for an 1024 x 768 or higher display. If your web browser cannot handle these then things might look rather weird. Owing to the nature of the exhibits, your viewing will be enhanced if you configure your display for more than 256 colo(u)rs. If you feel sick, do not attempt to use any of the exhibits - it will make a mess of your computer. The curator cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused. If your state or country prohibits such exclusions then please leave The Vomitorium now.
Thank you for your interest.

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