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PC Tune Up
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Does your computer: Run Slow? Freeze Up? Display Error Messages ?
Normal, everyday use can cause your computer to slow down
when programs get installed and uninstalled.
Loss of power or incorrect shut-downs
can cause files to fragment and become un-usable.
Computer viruses are becoming rampant and there is always the
possibility that one has taken up residence in your machine.
Restore your productivity with this important computer maintenance:

• Perform Virus Scan
• Optimise Registry Files
• Remove Unnecessary Temp Files
• Remove Unused Programs
• Remove Erroneous Start-Up Files
• Scan Hard Drive
• Clean CD Rom Laser Lens
• Clean Floppy Drive
• Clean Mouse Rollers

NOTE: Due to the vast number of issues that can cause computer problems,
the “PC Tune-Up” may or may not solve your particular problem.