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Business Users.
Company Profile.
I D Consultancy Systems provides solutions to business problems whether 
it is one-to-one training, database creation, software development, web site creation 
or system management.
You have the latest Microsoft products and you and your staff are using them quite successfully - or are you?
Without a good knowledge of a product much time can be wasted trying to achieve fairly simple tasks.
Let us show you the best way. Perhaps you are only using the software at a fraction of its capabilities
and would like to see what is possible?
Software Development
Software solutions can be provided using Office tools (MS Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook)
or perhaps an Access database with a Visual Basic front-end. If all your data is in Excel spreadsheets then
perhaps linking the sheets or a macro could speed up the process?
You have spreadsheets but would like the reports to look more business-like - you should  utilise the
Reporting features of Access
Web Site Creation
You need a presence on the Internet to advertise your products or contact details - many people do business
this way nowadays and expect you to have a web site
System Management
Is your computer system taking up valuable time which could be better spent on your real job?
Whether it is upgrading versions of software (e.g. Windows, Office etc.), installing new printers,
preparing PC's for new users or performing routine system tasks such as backups.