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Download then unzip campaigns (.ssa file) into the \Data\Campaigns folder of your Empire Earth game, then run the Empire Earth game and click on "play campaign" and "play custom campaign"; select the campaign to start.

Download then unzip scenarios (.scn file and .jpg file) into the \Data\Scenarios folder of your Empire Earth game, then run the Empire Earth game and click on "play scenario" ; select the scenario to start.

Add-on (EE AoQ) not required to play.

Centre of the World (campaign)
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Includes 2 short training scenarios and the mission scenario. Progress your civilization then get a unit to power up the enemy time machine.

Campaign for Epochs (campaign) UPDATED March 2007

New requirements (in-game objectives) for unlocking the next epoch's research, in addition to the 2 buildings.
Enemies are usualy in a higher epoch than you.
7 scenarios, build your bases then conquer or complete objectives.

Disappearing Resources v1.1 (scenario)

Pre to middle ages. 4 enemies. Enemy prophets can destroy resources. Mines contain only about 2000, but new ones appear in random places.
Build and defend then destroy enemy fortresses which are on an island.

May 2013 Version 1.1:
1) New in-game message "The Good Knights have declared war on you." replaces "The medieval knights have declared war on you." Oops, that was from before I had chosen names for the enemies.
2) An extra line in the instructions page, that they always declare war after 2 game-hours.

AUF DEUTSCH (JUNI 2013) Verschwindene Bodenschätze; ganz: readme, .jpg Datei, .scn.

Spheres of Influence (scenario)

June 2011: Pre to whenever you win (possible up to Nano).
Defend convoys and defeat the pirates.

August 2012: zip file had become corrupt; new one uploaded.
June 2013: reduced size of .jpg files (for faster download).

AUF DEUTSCH Einflusskugeln; ganz: readme, .jpg Dateien, .scn.

Archaeology (scenario)

Pre to nano. 5 enemies, 1 ally.
Build near or send units to monuments uncovered during the game.
This VERSION 2 (December 2013): Your food gathered is taxed @ 20% (Stone Epoch), 40% (Copper Epoch), 60% (Bronze Epoch), 80% (Dark and subsequent Epochs)...original version was always 80% when you had more than 500 food.

Pirates and Allies (scenario)

Pre to WW1 (AI players to WW2). 5 AI players, one is always your ally.
There is sea between your continent and the main continent; you won't be able to have citizens on the main continent.
Readme in a simple HTML format.

AUF DEUTSCH Piraten and Alliierter; ganz: readme, .jpg, .scn.

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