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Welcome to the new race web page.

Race was a band from Bournemouth, England. Was a band, in that they are
no more. So it probably seems strange that a new site should appear. There is a reason though.

The old site was really out of date and out of content. Not the best tribute to a band that had some good times,
good music and brilliant fans - friends would probably be a better word.

So for anyone who was part of it, or for anyone out surfing, here's a chance to wonder down memory lane. There are sample clips
of all the tracks from 'thoughts I'm feeling' which is still available to buy via mail-order and two new tracks available to download in full.

These tracks are from the recording session which took place just before race split up, so this is the only place to get them. It would be great to hear your comments,
and if there's a good response there's six more songs from those sessions that could find their way here or onto a cd.

There are plans to add more to this site - lyrics, pictures, more songs (including newly recorded acoustic tracks
in a similar style to 'thoughts I'm feeling') - the usual website stuff. To hear about updates,
send the message header 'subscribe' to the race mailing list .

I've spoken to all the band recently - everyone is well, doing various things around the country.
On behalf of them all, thanks for visiting the site and please enjoy the downloads.

God Bless

Robin from Race

Mp3 Downloads

Why Don't You? (Give Yourself a Good Time)

Track running time: 04:18
File: RACE_why_dont_you.mp3 (4,030KB)


Track running time: 04:20
File: RACE_twisted.mp3 (4,063KB)

performed by robin coward, andy garland, russ simonôt, tim frisby, dave evans and lou knight
music and lyrics by robin coward

recorded by dave evans and robin coward
produced and mixed by robin coward
© 1999-2002, Full Scale Music.

Thoughts I'm Feeling

Recorded in the summer of 1998, this was race's one and only cd, comprising six tracks from the early days (running time 42 mins).
Check out any of the clips by clicking on a young looking band member.

Would You Smile On Me?Would You Smile On Me? 49sec, 576KB
I Need YouI Need You 21sec, 256KB
Oh Revealer of MysteriesOh Revealer of Mysteries 32sec, 376KB
A Cry for the LostA Cry for the Lost 46sec, 548KB
This LoveThis Love 40sec, 478KB
I Love You to DeathI Love You to Death 30sec, 356KB
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